• Carefully create peace and abundance in your heart each day
    I want to be close to you as you live your daily life carefully.
    Born from such a feeling,
    Welcome to Zenbo Yasuning Select Shop.

    Consideration for a sustainable environment,
    We have a selection of simple yet high quality products that make full use of the charm of the materials.

    Meditation equipment that you can easily start at home,
    Skin-friendly organic cotton clothing,
    Traditional crafts made by artists from all over the country, etc.
    We are particular about creating rare items that are produced on a small scale and allow you to feel the thoughts of the creators and the background behind their creation.

    The products here are from Awaji Island, which is associated with the national birth myth.
    These items are used at Zenbo Yasunei, a facility where you can experience a ZEN retreat, and are full of items that touch your heart.

    Accept what is and surrender to what is.
    For those of you who want to relax your mind and body and live a healthy life,
    Here you can meet wonderful products.