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Pea Protein Protein Blend/Matcha All Stars 1kg

Pea Protein Protein Blend/Matcha All Stars 1kg

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This is a 1kg large-capacity pack of protein powder with the concept of "body building" developed jointly with training gym Total Workout.

For relaxing time after working out. Pea protein (made from peas) from Belgium, organic matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimagawa from Okinawa, which contains more dietary fiber and 1-DNJ than those on the mainland, and moringa, known as the "miracle tree." A powder blended with sustainable superfoods such as. 28 items such as allergy-specific raw materials are not used. No animal ingredients, food additives or artificial sweeteners are used.

Plant based ingredients only used- no sweeteners, fillers or anything artificial.

A blend of organic matcha, moringa, and mulberry leaves with pea protein (derived from peas).
It does not use any of the 28 allergenic raw materials, food additives or artificial sweeteners.

<Product introduction>
Contains 12.6g of protein per 20g serving.
In addition to 2088 mg of BCAA (branched chain amino acids), which are essential for body building, it also contains plenty of iron, zinc, calcium, and folic acid.

This is a protein blend that supports post-workout relaxation time and can be used with confidence even by natural-minded people for the purpose of post-workout nutrition and recovery.
It is also recommended for improving eating habits, eating habits, lack of vegetables, and supporting the body's barrier.

Matcha is attracting attention from all over the world as a superfood.
We use tea party quality "NODOKA" brand organic matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture.
In addition to Moringa, the "miracle tree" grown in Okinawa without using pesticides, we blend sustainable green superfoods such as Shimagawa leaves with excellent nutritional value.

It also contains calcium and tryptophan, making it perfect for post-workout relaxation and recovery. We recommend taking it after a workout as it supports muscle training.

Because it takes advantage of the flavor of the ingredients themselves, it goes well with any drink.
In addition to protein, it is also rich in folic acid, vitamins, and minerals such as iron and zinc, so you can take them together.

<Recommended for these people>
・Those who want to make their training more effective
・Those who work hard in a stressful society
・People who are on a diet
・Those who feel that they are deficient in iron, zinc, and calcium

<Product features>
・Dairy free
・Gluten free
・No use of 28 allergenic raw materials
・Vegan compatible (uses only plant-based ingredients)
・No food additives (flavorings, preservatives, coloring agents, etc.)
- Moderately sweet (uses sugar beets from Okinawa and Hokkaido)
・No artificial sweeteners (including Stevia and Lakanto)

<How to drink>
Just mix 20g of this product with 200-250cc of your favorite drink, such as water or almond milk.
Enjoy with your favorite drink, such as water, oat milk, or coconut water, depending on the nutrients you want to consume and your mood.

*It's not too sweet, so it won't interfere with the taste even when added to smoothies.

<Timing to drink>
Recommended after training.
It can be used even by people who are not exercising, such as as a drink in the morning, when you are feeling hungry, or as a nutritional supplement before going to bed.


Pea protein (from Belgium or France), organic matcha (from Shizuoka), brown sugar (from Okinawa), moringa leaves (from India), mulberry leaves (from Okinawa), sugar beet (from Hokkaido)

<Best before date>
2 years from manufacture

<How to save>
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

<Nutrition information> (per 100g of this product):
Calories 371kcal, protein 63g, fat 7.5g, carbohydrates 17.3g (carbohydrates 8.6g, dietary fiber 8.7g), salt equivalent 3g, iron 15.0mg, zinc 6.3mg, calcium 339mg, vitamin C 18mg, folic acid 62μg,

BCAA 10442mg (valine 2950mg, leucine 4777mg, isoleucine 2715mg), arginine 4571mg, tryptophan 604mg, aspartic acid 6592mg, glutamic acid 9691mg

*If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication, please check the ingredients before consuming.
*20g is a standard serving for an adult. For those under junior high school age, we recommend half the amount.

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